About Us

The power of giving

 Aidez nous a Aider aims to empower people who live in marginalized situ­ations in Morocco by helping them to help other people: every week we organize the participants to feed a group of people. We employ people who live in difficult circumstances to help with shopping for food and to create photographs and video to document the experience. We let the employees use our organization’s cameras to take photographs and videos of the project to use for promotion, while also developing a new set of skills.  

Creating skills

 The employees submit their photographs and video, which are then edited and put online for pro­motion. We then find people within the Moroccan community, either through various organizations or families, to buy food for. We estab­lish a relationship with these people and find out what they need, and then go shopping and buy about a week’s worth of food for them. After working for us for a few weeks, the person we employ is then paid for their work either through education or materials to help them move forward (ie. buy material for them to make clothes to sell). 


  In this way, Aidez nous a Aider creates job opportunities within the community, and helps to provide food to those who may not oth­erwise have access. We use our photography and videos as way to support our project and to give our donors an understanding as to what their money is going towards. Without the use of a camera, our project would be non-existent.   

Aider Nous a Aider (Help us to Help) is a practical and beautiful initiative  to change our world for the better.  A.N.A. and their community partners,  working without government or corporate funding,  are proving that our  hearts and hands can do wonderful things.    ~R.D. Roy, Reg. Nurse