Creating Jobs

Entrepeneur Program

We try to help individuals get on their feet by setting them up with their own business. After working with us for a couple of weeks as a photographer/food shopper, we either teach them a new skill, or buy them the materials needed to start their own small business.


The individuals we employ choose a skill such as making jewelry, making soap, or making bread. 

We have contact with all our past and present employees. If you would like to purchase some hand made gifts, please send us an email.

Photography Skills

The individuals we employ also get the opportunity to work on their photography skills. We let our employees use our staff cameras which were donated from Fuji. 

They can use their photography skills to take photos of their products and share with us on our social media pages.

"Fujifilm Canada is proud to have donated some  digital cameras to the Aidez nous a Aider project. The ability to  capture and share these "images of hope and change" is another step  towards improving the lives of these people and we are happy to play a  small part in that. The simple , yet powerful images along with the  stories that accompany them show us the good that is going on in our  world."

Greg Poole Senior Vice President, Photo Imaging Division, Fujifilm Canada